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The Encounter


Is there a way to know what the future holds for mankind? Is there a way to prepare for an uncertain future? The former Head of Counterintelligence, Ambassador Thulani Dlomo brings truths that can change the destiny of Africa.

“The Encounter” reveals secrets that will help you prepare for a certain future. Who have you encountered? Who is in your inner circle? Who should you encounter to change the trajectory of your life?

Ambassador Thulani Dlomo has penned a brilliant masterpiece that is timeless. This book answers some of the most fundamental questions that should be a critical part of the African conversation. It goes deep into bringing out wisdom and knowledge that will arm heads of state across the world to be better-equipped for political success and the emancipation of their people. This book brings an amazing mix of biblical wisdom and in-the-field experience that shows that the author fully understands what he is writing about.

This is an account of the riveting journey of a man who has had transformational encounters with some of the greatest voices of our generation. It is the story of a life that has been set to make a difference in our continent. Ambassador Thulani Dlomo has written a masterpiece that shall provoke thought leaders across the continent to take the stand to go beyond the pursuit of power, position and privilege. A new breed of leaders is arising in Africa and across the globe – they will redefine the political and economic arena. Position yourself to be one of these voices.

Make the investment and empower yourself for success. Buy a ePub copy of The Encounter and go on an adventure more thrilling than James Bond, and none of it is fiction



Education Is The Key Tool To Africa’s Growth.
Let us redefine education for the purpose of building our continent. The current model in Africa needs an overhaul. Let us give our youth something that works.


Lessons I learnt from the world’s 3rd largest economy. How did Japan recover from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings and rise to be an economic superpower?


Becoming a master in your field will make you stand out. We need a new caliber of leaders that will be a voice of change and not an echo of oppression. Let us lead Africa to new frontiers of opportunity.


We all go through wilderness experiences. Jesus had one too. How do you handle your wilderness experience? Should I give up in this time? 

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